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Why Should You Consider Using Time Sensitive Delivery Services

June 26, 2018 Courier

time sensitive delivery service
time sensitive delivery service

Are you planning on sending a high-value package or letter in the near future? Do you feel confident that the traditional postal service will keep it safe from theft and damage during transit? They might.

But by utilizing time sensitive delivery services instead, you’ll have a lot more control over your shipment to ensure that it will be delivered safe and secure. Plus, the courier companies who supply these services avoid the slow traditional approaches of the traditional postal service to ensure quicker delivery.

The Benefits of Time Sensitive Delivery Services

Wouldn’t it be great if you absolutely knew that your important shipment would arrive safely and on time?

With a courier service, you’re almost nearly guaranteed of this.

Here are ten reasons for using time sensitive delivery services:

1. Affordability

Depending on a few factors, USPS has a standard shipping cost across the board. But with a courier, this isn’t the case.

They look at the size, weight, distance, and content of your package to determine the price. And one courier might be priced quite differently from another.

Therefore, you can actually pick a courier based on their charges for different items.

2. Safety Guarantees

Opting for speedier delivery through the postal service may get your package there sooner, but it isn’t necessarily going to arrive undamaged.

Courier services ensure no harm comes to your shipment by making their handling and storage safe for transport. They further ensure safety through insurance guarantees.

To keep confusion to a minimum, a representative will walk you through the process to determine if you have the right amount of liability protection before your shipment is picked up for transit.

Then if they lose or damage your item, they’ll reimburse you.

And with this policy in place, those responsible for handling and transporting your shipment tend to be far more cautious and careful.

3. Proactive Notifications

Every carrier has different notification services.

But regardless of the company, you should be able to specify when you want to receive shipment notifications. This could be as much as an update every hour, to as little as acknowledging only when the package has arrived.

Opting for notifications is the perfect way to track where your valuable shipment is rather than nervously waiting and wondering its whereabouts.

4. Shorter Transit Times

When you choose Guaranteed or Time Sensitive Services, you can speed up your transit time without compromising the safety of your shipment.

Your package will be sent in the most efficient manner possible – without having to spend a lot of time being transferred through terminals.

With fewer terminal transfers, there is less chance of human interaction. And with less human interaction, you greatly reduce the potential points where your shipment could be damaged.

5. Reliability

Have you delivered a package that never arrived to the recipient? Or awaited a package only to have it get lost in the mail?

With courier services, that won’t happen. There’s no need to worry about “if” a package will arrive.

Many of these services have fleets of vans and cars, as well as access to larger trucks and even planes. They will employ any means necessary to get your shipment where it needs to go and when it needs to get there.

6. Scheduled Pickup and Delivery Times

With a courier service, you have the flexibility of being able to specify a much smaller pickup and delivery time frame than the USPS.

When you opt for time sensitive services in this way, it alerts everyone to the time critical nature of your shipment. This, in turn, creates increased attention to delivering your shipment safely and on time.

7. 24-Hour Services

Courier services are available 24-hours per day to get you your packages on time. That means you can go to sleep at night knowing that your package will have arrived by the morning.

And you’ll never be stuck standing at in front of a closed lobby with package in hand after closing time.

8. Expediency

For courier companies, speedy delivery is the name of the game.

Some couriers even promise same-day deliveries. And they follow through on that promise. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the package either. They ensure that they’ll deliver it at the time they promised.

And that it will arrive safely.

Furthermore, if you start to get nervous that the package is lost somewhere, you can always call their customer service. Rather than give you the run-around, they’ll reassure you of its timely delivery.

9. Dedicated Teams

You want high visibility and hands-on service to ensure your high-value delivery doesn’t get lost. Courier services know this. And they’re experts at getting your delivery from point A to point B in as few steps as possible.

Many courier services even have a dedicated Time Sensitive department of specialists who will walk you through the whole process so you can have more peace of mind.

10. Quality Assurance

Of course, you’re going to want to do your research before choosing a carrier.

As we mentioned above, one of the advantages of a courier service is their affordability. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you should go with the cheapest option. They may not be the safest.

You want to choose a reliable carrier that will give the needed attention for your delivery. Partner with a courier that has a team of specialists there to evaluate and monitor carrier performance on your behalf.

It’s also important that you request a performance report from any courier you’re considering. Here is what you should look for in those reports:

  • Shipment visibility/traceability percent
  • Transit time
  • On-time pickups
  • Claims as percent of freight costs

And if a courier company cannot provide a report for you, your best bet is to look elsewhere.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If you have timely goods, don’t take chances with the regular postal service.

As we outlined above, time sensitive delivery services are safer, cheaper and more reliable.

Again, just be sure that the courier you choose is able to answer basic questions about what their company does. If so, you can rest assured that your package will be safe.

And if you’re looking for quick and reliable courier service, get started with a quick quote today!