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National Courier Service | Same Day Logistics

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Providing professional Courier Service

Rush Courier & On Demand

Need it Now can locally deliver your packages with our fast, dependable walkers and on demand, delivery vans for packages over 50 lbs.

Pre-scheduled Routed Delivery

Our pre-scheduled route work is capable of getting your package delivered to you by the date and time you requested.


At Need It Now Delivers, we store and ship freight that is required to either be on hand ready to ship nearby at a moment’s notice.


Air Freight

Need it Now Delivers can offer excellent, timely same day international delivery to an expansive collection of commercial, industrial, and retail clients.

Luggage Delivery

Need It Now Delivers is the premier specialty expediter when you need to send your luggage to your destination on another flight.

Last Mile Home Delivery

Final Mile Delivery provides quick shipping with the reliability your business requires when it comes to getting your packages and letters delivered on time.


Import/Export Deconsolidation

From straight transloads to multiple sorts to various destinations, Need It Now can provide an economical and efficient solution to your Deconsolidation needs.

Retail Vendor Consolidation

Vendor Consolidation programs are another service we provide to help streamline time and expense for our customers.

Retail Store Delivery

Retail Store Deliveries are an extremely important part of our customer’s supply-chain as they represent the last mile to the shelf and ultimate sale.

Peace of Mind


Providing professional Courier Service is the main focus of Expressway Courier (a Need It Now Delivers Company). Local or nationwide courier services are offered and our trained courier service specialists are available to determine which delivery option fits your time-critical needs.

Same Day deliveries range from small envelopes to large pallets of packages. Our team of couriers are well trained and can handle your packages…large or small and few or many.

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