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The Top Benefits of an Experienced Delivery Courier

April 16, 2018 Courier

Delivery Courier
Delivery Courier

Have you been receiving lots of complaints from customers about the conditions that their packages have been arriving in lately? Are you in need of a last-minute shipment that an important client has requested? Are you concerned that postmen are mishandling the items you’re shipping to customers — or that they might even be stealing them? If so, then you need to keep reading this post to learn how you can make a change. In it, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about why hiring a professional delivery courier for your business is a smart investment.

1. Packages Will Arrive On Time

When you send out a delivery, the package instantly becomes a representation of your brand. Customers count on on-time delivery when they place an order with you. And whether or not a late delivery actually was your brand’s fault, the reality is that over 30% of consumers will blame the company they ordered from directly for a late delivery.

This means that, not only are unhappy customers unlikely to order from you again in the future, they also will also call into your phone lines asking questions about their package’s arrival. This leads to lost selling hours, wasted time during the workday, and frustration on behalf of both your customers and your employees.

Even worse? Dissatisfied customers are also likely to leave a negative review on your company’s website, or even on a review listing site like Angie’s List or Yelp. Since over 80% of shoppers say they value what people are saying online about a brand just as much as they do getting recommendations from friends and family, this can be a serious problem.

You need to start thinking of hiring a delivery courier as a part of your overall brand reputation management strategy. Doing so will help you to avoid the kinds of negative tweets, reviews, and even word of mouth information that can seriously damage your company.

2. Your Products Will Arrive Safely

Roughly one out of every ten packages that are shipped arrives at its final destination having been damaged somewhere along the way. Even if your package manages to arrive on time, your customers won’t have much appreciation for that if they arrive in pieces.

When you work with a professional delivery courier, you can trust that all of your packages, whether or not they contain especially fragile items, will be handled with care. Whether you’re shipping your items by air freight, need them stored in a warehouse for a few days, need luggage delivery, or more, a professional company will take the time to properly package and deliver your items.

So, you can say goodbye to postal workers that carelessly toss your packages on a client’s front porch from a few hundred feet away.

3. Same-Day Delivery Is An Option

We’ve all been in a situation where we needed something delivered at the last minute.

Whether it’s an anniversary gift, a book needed for an exam, or even an item needed for an important business meeting, sometimes, people just can’t wait to get the items they need.

This is where having a professional delivery courier that you can trust on hand and ready to go at a moment’s notice can seriously help both your customers and your brand’s overall level of client satisfaction.

When you’re able to provide same-day delivery, not only are you more likely to make a sale, you also communicate to your customers that your a brand that’s willing to be flexible and go the extra mile to make them happy.

This leads to an increased feeling of brand loyalty, as well as an influx of positive reviews about your company online and off.

What’s not to love about that?

4. They Have Experience With Unexpected Conditions

When it comes to package shipment and delivery, you can control lots of things.

One thing that you’ll have a difficult time managing, however?

The weather and general conditions outside.

Things like snow, rain, or even severe tropical storms and hurricanes all put the integrity of your packages at risk. They also seriously impact your overall shipping time.

If you’re working with an inexperienced delivery and courier service, they may not have much of an ability to work with and around difficult challenges posed by the upcoming forecast. This might mean that your packages arrive damaged or delayed — or even that they don’t arrive at all.

Poor weather conditions are no excuse for any of this.

When you work with a professional delivery courier, they’ll be able to find alternate routes, ensure your packaging materials can stand up to bad weather, and much more.

Remember, the integrity of the business you’ve worked so hard to build is at risk. It’s simply not worth taking any chances when it comes to your shipping and delivery process.

Need A Trusted Delivery Courier For Your Brand?

We hope this post has convinced you that making an investment in a professional delivery courier is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

Not only does it ensure an on-time and safe delivery, it also means that you’ll have access to a delivery company’s experience and same-day delivery options.

Above all, you need to look for a delivery company that hires people you feel that you can trust to do the job right.

That’s where we come in.

Spend some time on our website to learn more about the wide variety of courier and shipping services we have to offer you. Then, get a quote.

We can’t wait to put a smile on the face of more of your customers this year.