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Air Freight

Air Freight Services


Need It Now Courier’s Air Freight services have been in business since 1987. Our air freight services include same-day delivery anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

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On Board Courier

Shipping to most international cities, and all air freight deliveries are time specific. Through air freight shipping, we get your precious cargo on the next available flight and deliver it directly to the consignee. With Need It Now, we believe you deserve to work with an air freight same day service company, where our representatives have the experience, technology, and staffing to get your packages where they need to be. Our software will allow us to send your package on the quickest available flight out to the nearest airport to your destination.

International Shipping

From documents to skids, we provide international time-critical shipping of any size. Need It Now specializes in affordable overseas shipping with a high personalized service. Overseas Expedited shipments are our highest priority shipments that we handle as they are always rushed or most urgent. For our customers, we treat this shipping method as a has-to-be-there-yesterday shipment. International Shipping services we provide are shipping to most international cities, international sea freight forwarding, time-specific shipping, inland logistics, warehousing, freight forwarding, and customs clearance. Need It Now has handheld technology that allows us to determine the next flight out for all International air freight shipping services.

Tracking Technology

We offer in-depth tracking technology for all parcels you ship as part of our international shipping services. As soon as you enter the package into our system, you can track it all the way across the world until it gets to its destination. You can access this tracking software online, as you can also schedule the parcel’s pickup and delivery times and get detailed information about its location, route, and expected arrival time. If our system foresees a delay due to any weather conditions, you’ll receive an alert. To keep you more updated, we’ll let you know about the change in route to ensure your package arrives on time that we promised. Let us help you with all you’re international shipping needs as we want to give you the peace of mind, knowing your parcels will be delivered on time.

Expedited Air Freight Services

Need it Now Delivers and its top quality air freight services can delivery. For time sensitive deliveries our modernized technological software is top of the line and capable of advanced solutions for your air freight shipping. With reliable and friendly professionals, and progressive technology, Need it Now Delivers can get your packages dispatched carefully and quickly. We offer shipping 24/7, 365 days a year so that you are never without the dependable and state-of-the-art services of Need it Now Delivers!