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Architecture & Engineering Delivery Services | Need It Now Delivers

Construction, Engineering, Architecture & Blueprint Company Delivery


Precision & Safety are Key

Engineering firms and architectural firms have specific needs for the timely, efficient and accurate delivery of products. In this time-specific type of work, precision and safety are key. Our courier service is able to solve many of the problems that architectural and engineering firms face on a routine basis.


Bid Deliveries

When engineering or architectural firm owners want to make a bid on a project, the bid must be placed within a specific timeline. If a deadline is fast approaching, our messenger service is able to hand-deliver the bid. This allows engineering and architecture businesses to comply with contracting requirements and increase their chances of securing a highly sought-after contract.

Removal of Debris

Our fleet of trucks also has the capacity to remove debris from an architectural or engineering project work site. With our prompt debris removal, we are able to lower the hazard risk to workers on-site. A frequent issue is the buildup of debris, such as dirt, broken concrete, scrap lumber and old pipes. This debris gets in the way of the work that needs to be done. We efficiently and safely remove the debris from the site to minimize risks and increase productivity.

Internal Deliveries

Internal deliveries, such as white-glove deliveries, are also key to the success of blueprint, engineering and architectural firms. If the on-site manager has lost his or her copy of a blueprint, our courier service is able to transport it to a construction site quickly and safely. This ensures that the work does not have to come to a standstill while new copies are procured or printed

Delivery of Supplies

Another common problem in the architecture and engineering industries is running out of a material right in the middle of a work day. Our fleet of trucks can take on any type of supply delivery. When a construction project requires the daily delivery of key supplies, such as lumber, piping, steel, concrete mix or a specific tool, our team can get it done. Our messenger service is also able to quickly deliver important messages and information to work sites, such as permits to dig or occupancy permits that must be posted on-site. Our messenger service can deliver documents, blueprints and building plans and building contracts. If it fits in a truck, we can deliver it. This includes 3D model printers and large scanners, construction equipment and materials and residential or commercial construction supplies.