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Need It Now Handles Accountancy Firms


Meet Deadlines With Our Tax Time Services

We understand that tax time is a very busy time of the year for nearly every business. Most companies have a long list of preparations that need to be done in order to meet Internal Revenue Service (IRS) deadlines. Our courier service insures that receipts, interest statements and IRS forms are delivered to the right people before the required deadlines. We also deliver local and state tax documents to ensure you meet those deadlines, too.


Maintain Confidentiality

All tax documents are not just important, but highly confidential. Your business should not trust just anybody with these essential forms. Individuals and large corporations alike have discovered that relying on a local courier service and logistics company at this fast-paced time of the year ensures reliable delivery when it is most needed. At Need It Now Delivers, we offer messenger and courier delivery services to any location. Our attentive couriers maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process, from door to door. We relieve the stress of on-time delivery and maintain your privacy with every transaction.

How Our Courier Service Saves You Time and Money

With our careful couriers paying attention to detail, your business will save time and money. Consider these ways in which our messengers can boost your business’ efficiency during the busy tax season.

Individual Tax Returns

Companies are bound by IRS and state requirements to get specific documents to employees on-time. Our couriers are able to help businesses meet these rules. Individuals can send their paperwork with our couriers, allowing accountants to prepare the tax returns and return them to individuals for review, signature and electronic or snail mail submission. Our services make it easier for individuals to file their taxes by the IRS deadline.

Corporate Tax Returns

Many corporations rely on accounting firms for quarterly or annual tax return preparation. Our dependable Need It Now couriers ensure timely delivery to tax preparation firms on behalf of corporations. Even if a corporation plans to file for an extension, our couriers get the documents delivered before the annual March 15 deadline.