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How to Arrange Emergency Shipments

May 15, 2018 Courier

 emergency shipments
emergency shipments

Do you need to deliver a crucial shipment this afternoon?

There are many instances in which you may have to ship an item as soon as possible, and these can be unpredictable.

Perhaps you are a legal professional needing to deliver official documents to a client or colleague within a short time. Or maybe your customer received an incorrect item and needs an immediate replacement.

Many people assume that emergency shipments are simply impossible. This is particularly true if they need to make a delivery during a later period of a business day.

However, it is possible to arrange emergency shipments for a variety of circumstances.

In this post, we discuss how to arrange last-minute deliveries for your peace of mind!

1. Identify Your Shipping Needs

When an emergency of any kind arises, it can be difficult to think clearly. This is particularly the case if you are working against a tight deadline.

What’s more, a lot of other factors may be at stake, including customer relationships, professional obligations, and even safety.

Before you start exploring possibilities for emergency shipments, take some time to identify your shipping needs.

Do you need to send a replacement item to an unhappy customer? Does your daughter need a copy of her social security card at her university?

Many times this step will be straightforward. However, this is also a good opportunity to assess whether or not you need an emergency shipment.

Identify the latest possible time your recipient could receive the item and use this as a benchmark for making arrangements.

Lastly, your shipping needs will vary depending on what you are actually sending. You may simply be delivering a document, while others may need to ship larger or bulk items.

The items themselves can determine the type of services available to you. In fact, some services only provide emergency shipments for products of a certain size and weight.

If possible, weigh and measure your items in their packaging so that you can have data on hand for your courier of choice.

2. Gather All Critical Information

Before browsing emergency shipment services, gather all necessary information. This includes recipient and sender addresses, the items themselves, and any other information about the nature of the goods you need to be transported.

If you are an e-commerce business owner, you may need to gather invoices, special packaging, and/or labels, for example.

If you simply do not have time to source packaging for your materials, don’t worry. It may be possible to purchase packaging through the courier service of your choice.

If you do have time for packaging, ensure that you package your items securely. Clearly label all parts of the package according to your needs.

3. Research Services

Many courier services provide emergency shipments. When searching for the right service, make sure you use this terminology.

A simple Google search for “emergency shipments” or “same-day courier delivery” can give you the results that you need. You may also want to search for “rush” or “on-demand courier services.”

You may be tempted to drop by the post office to deliver your emergency package.

However, the United States Postal Service only offers overnight shipping as its fastest delivery service. Plus, the cut-off for overnight shipping usually happens at a specific business hour.

If you need to make a shipment to an international location, it is possible to find a courier service that can provide same-day delivery by air freight to overseas destinations.

At Need it Now, for example, we are the experts at sending packages and documents speedily overseas.

When browsing services, make sure you prioritize the ones that specialize in time-sensitive deliveries.

4. Get on the Phone

With emergency shipments, time is always of the essence. To get a quote on emergency delivery services, call the courier service itself to speak to a customer service representative directly.

This is a much faster means of communication than a website contact form or email. Some services may not respond right away to digital messages like these.

In your phone conversation, clearly state your shipping needs. Tell the representative the latest possible time your recipient can receive the package or letter.

Also, ask about any guarantees the service offers for same-day or emergency shipments.

In most cases, you’ll receive a quote for your delivery needs then and there. You may also be able to place your order over the phone once you’ve agreed to the courier’s terms.

5. Select Delivery Tracking and Insurance

If possible, select a service that keeps you in the know at all stages of the transit journey.

Opt for a courier that enables delivery tracking. The best couriers will send you email and/or text notifications at critical stages so that you will know your shipment was delivered.

Do inquire about insurance options. This is important if your shipment contains valuable goods of any kind.

6. Opt for Specialty Services

All in all, a specialty courier service is more likely to provide the fastest delivery options. This is especially true if you need to deliver an item internationally or require immediate and reliable pick-up.

Other courier services that don’t focus solely on speedy deliveries may not offer emergency shipment guarantees. You may also have to go to these services in person and wait in long lines to speak to a representative.

At Need it Now, for example, our expertise lies in rush courier and on-demand deliveries.

How to Arrange Emergency Shipments

It is possible to deliver time-sensitive items to your recipients within a limited period of time. When arranging emergency shipments, take a few deep breaths, identify your shipping needs, and do your research well.

We recommend contacting a customer representative of a reputable courier service and arranging a rush shipment over the phone. The best courier services will be able to take care of your emergency delivery needs in a matter of minutes.

Always select delivery tracking services and prioritize couriers that specialize in same-day deliveries.

At Need it Now, you can rest assured that we are invested in every stage of your package’s journey. Give us a call now to arrange your rush shipment!