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What Is The Safest Way To Ship Valuables?

May 8, 2018 Courier

safest way to ship valuables
safest way to ship valuables

Are you seeking a safe and secure means of shipping valuable goods? You may be preparing to launch an online business that specializes in high-value products. Or perhaps you just sold that coin collection on e-Bay to a customer in Sicily. Whatever the case, it can be unnerving entrusting your valuable items to a postal service of any kind.

However, it is possible to deliver precious items safely, no matter their destination. In this post, we’ll look at the safest way to ship valuables so that you can have peace of mind with your shipping needs! Read on for insight.

1. Wrap Items Well

This may sound like a given when it comes to the safest way to ship valuables, but many items can be harmed or lost in transit due to poor wrapping.

If you are shipping fragile, high-value goods, invest in a solid wrapping material such as bubble wrap. Secure the wrapping around all goods with a powerful adhesive.

Ensure that all containers are properly closed, including zip-top bags, boxes, and jars. This is crucial if you are transporting liquids of any kind.

If possible, place wrapped items into a box and then package that box for transit. This extra package barrier can be effective protection against water damage or rough handling.

2. Use Sturdy Exterior Packaging

The safest way to ship valuables entails using effective packaging to ensure your items do not sustain any damage during their journey. This is especially important if you intend to send valuables over long distances or overseas.

A lot of people assume that a sturdy box and some tape will do the trick when it comes to securely packaging valuable goods.

But high-value items can be damaged, lost, or stolen due to the way in which they’re packaged. After all, the U.S. postal service alone processes over 560 million pieces of mail a day!

We recommend purchasing a box from a hardware store or other supplier rather than reusing a box to send your items. These boxes will be crisp and sturdy. What’s more, they are generally inexpensive.

Use a high-grade, wide-banded adhesive tape to secure all parts of the box itself. Double up on layers and apply strips in a criss-cross fashion to add extra support.

Don’t be afraid of over-packaging here.

If you are sending bulk items or a high-value good that is of an abnormal size, avoid attempting to package these products on your own. Defer to professional courier services for assistance.

A specialized courier service can advise you on product packaging and may even provide packaging services for you.

3. Identify Delivery Details

When transporting valuable items via post, it’s important to account for all necessary details, including destination addresses.

Clearly mark all packages with sender and recipient addresses. If you are shipping items to a customer, ensure that the delivery details are correct prior to delivery.

Also, check for any customer special requests. Label fragile or hazardous packages with the right identifiers.

4. Check Regulations

Some services have regulations when it comes to the delivery of high-value goods. This is especially the case if you intend to ship potentially hazardous, fragile, or perishable items.

Others may not be able to ship high-value goods to international destinations. Or, if they do, there may be extra stipulations.

Inquire after any existing regulations that may be in place for your particular item. Contact us at Need it Now to learn about our policies for same-day and valuable good delivery services.

5. Browse Insurance Options

Many courier services offer insurance options for packages containing higher value items. It is possible to pay a small fee to ensure a package for its worth.

Insurance options will vary from service to service. Contact each service and ask about insurance policies available for the type of item you are shipping.

Some services will only insure high-value items up to a certain value. Make sure you know your item’s total value before inquiring and that you choose a service that can ensure your product for its worth.

Other companies may have guarantees in place for safe and secure delivery. Ask about these in addition to insurance options.

6. Choose Delivery Tracking

The safest way to ship valuables is to choose a service that enables delivery tracking. As a sender, you deserve the peace of mind of knowing where your package is at every step of the transit journey.

Delivery tracking will ensure that your package will not get waylaid; if it does, you’ll be the first to know.

You will also be able to receive notification when your package has been delivered.

Need it Now offers top-notch delivery tracking designed to keep you in the loop at all times. Curious about where your package is now? Check its status here!

7. Prioritize Speciality Courier Services

Most postal and courier services allow you to deliver valuable goods to any desired location. Their difference will lie in cost, regulations, and delivery options.

Overall, the safest way to ship valuables is through a specialized courier service. These services are more likely to give you the customer service you require for tracking, insuring, and delivering your package.

Specialty services are also more likely to offer tailored services to clients based off of shipping needs. For example, Need it Now offers same-day delivery services, luggage delivery, air-freight, last mile home delivery, and more.

It’s not always possible to receive this type of attention through the general postal service.

The Safest Way to Ship Valuables

Transporting high-value goods does not have to be anxiety-inducing. It is possible to securely ship your items within the time frame you require.

Before shipping your items, ensure that they are packaged well, inside and out. Inspect all delivery details and regulations. Identify all of your insurance options and choose a service that provides delivery tracking.

All in all, the safest way to ship valuables is to rely on a specialty courier service like Need it Now. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver your goods effectively and safely–every time.

Ready to ship your valuables?