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Need It Now Delivers News

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Have you been receiving lots of complaints from customers about the conditions that their packages have been arriving in lately? Are you in need of a last-minute shipment that an important client has requested? Are you concerned that postmen are mishandling the items you’re shipping to customers — or that they might even be stealing […]



Well, it turns out Back to the Future was wrong. 2015 didn’t bring hoverboards or flying cars. But 2018 may just bring self-driving vehicles. In particular, you might start seeing autonomous delivery vehicles – delivery vans and trucks that don’t require a human driver – show up in your neighborhood. Autonomous delivery has the potential […]


Everyone loves online shopping. Receiving packages in the mail can be the highlight of a customer’s day. So how do you keep on top of shipping charges? Is there any way to make sure that you’re not being overcharged? And your customer isn’t as well? What are some of the things you can do to […]



What if your courier service could be better? Would you know if it could?¬†Maybe you have used the same service for a while, or only every used one service. In those cases, how would you know how your current courier service rates against others? There may be better options out there and you don’t know […]


Air CargoCourier

Are you looking for a way to ship goods through the air safely and efficiently? If so, you should look for a reliable air freight forwarder where your business operates. Air freight forwarders organize shipments to ensure a safe delivery to their destination. But doing this can be challenging and requires specialized training and experience. […]


Air Cargo

In today’s world, people send each other a lot of stuff. The US Postal Service alone handles 506.4 million pieces of mail per day. That means they process 5,861 pieces of mail every second. That’s a lot of mail! And that’s only one company. Consumers have lots of choices for shipping these days. Put all […]



Let’s face the facts, Americans love to ship parcels. There are over 11 billion parcels delivered every year throughout the U.S. We’ve got the process of delivering small packages nailed down, but what about shipping heavy items? The thought of shipping a washing machine, lawn mower or even the kitchen sink can paralyze many with […]



You don’t need to travel all the time to know how much of a hassle basic transportation can be. If you have an upcoming trip to plan, you want it to go as smoothly as possible. Fortunately, you live with the convenience of the modern era. Almost every aspect of your travels can efficiently be […]



Are you wondering what a nationwide courier service can do for your company? Effective delivery of your documents and packages is crucial to your business success. You can keep customer satisfaction and company efficiency high by investing in a courier service. You may be on the fence as to how courier services can transform your […]



Are you looking for simple ways to generate long-lasting, positive customer relationships? Nurturing customer relationships is an essential part of your business and marketing efforts. Customers like building relationships with important brands. The more you can hone these relationships, the more likely you are to grow as a company. One way you can foster positive […]