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LTL shipping rates are at an all-time low averaging $2-$3 dollars a mile. Now is the time to take advantage of declining rates. If you’ve been using parcel shipping, combine them into one LTL shipment. Less than truckload shipping can save your business money on shipping. Not sure how LTL transport works? We’re going to […]



Some 3.6 million trucks currently move freight across the United States. At some point, you will need freight shipping for your business. This could be shipping products that have sold to customers. It could be shipping a new desk for the office. Knowing key logistics terms will help you communicate with those in the industry. […]


cross dockingeCommerce

The question becomes, how does business A spend so much less on warehouse costs than business B? What could save so much money? The answer is something called cross docking. In a nutshell, cross docking is a shipping method that cuts out most of the warehouse process. This means fewer workers, less cataloging inventory, and […]



Last year, e-commerce sales amounted to an astounding $2.3 trillion globally. The top 3 online stores – Amazon, Apple, and Walmart – accounted for nearly $100 billion of that total. There is one thing that all successful e-commerce businesses have in common: the use of third-party logistics. We’re going to let you know what you […]


Air CargoCourier

Air freight shipping accounts for 2 million tons of domestic freight shipping. While truck ground shipping totals 10,568 million tons. You could be shipping personal items or freight is an integral part of your business. Either way, it can be tough determining which method is best and fits your needs and budget. There are pros […]



One of the biggest concerns for people ordering a product online is how much the shipping is. If it’s one of the biggest concerns for a customer, it should also be a major concern for the retailer. Charge too much and you risk losing the sale and possibly the customer as well. Charge too little, […]



Are you planning on sending a high-value package or letter in the near future? Do you feel confident that the traditional postal service will keep it safe from theft and damage during transit? They might. But by utilizing time sensitive delivery services instead, you’ll have a lot more control over your shipment to ensure that […]



All across the country at a rapid rate, consumers are turning to the internet for all of their shopping needs. In today’s digital age, a fast fulfillment time isn’t just a nice thing to have. It’s what customers expect from every online shopping experience. If you want your company to have a shot at beating […]


Air CargoCourier

Are you sick and tired of paying more money than you should have to in order to fly with luggage during trips? Then you should consider shipping luggage the next time you go on vacation or travel for business. While the idea of shipping luggage might sound crazy to some people, it’s actually a much […]



Shipping food, especially perishable food, might seem hard, but once you know the tricks, it’s pretty simple. But doesn’t learning those tricks take a lot of trial and error? It doesn’t have to. Take a look at this complete guide to learn the best way to ship frozen and refrigerated perishable foods safely. How to […]