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Outsourcing Ecommerce Logistics

In today’s on-demand economy, consumers are increasingly making their purchases online. These consumers do not want to wait for weeks for their items to show up. With ecommerce deliveries, consumers receive their orders in a prompt manner. Ecommerce logistics allow for a high level of efficiency, reduction of cost and enhanced customer service. These third-party logistics allow for the careful warehousing, inventory, packing, shipping and tracking of online retail deliveries.


Reasons to Choose Third-party Logistics

We make simple for retail deliveries to reach the need-it-now warehouse or the customer. Our logistics service can pick up an item from a bricks-and-mortar store and take it to the warehouse or customer via messenger, ground delivery or air freight. There are many great reasons to choose us for ecommerce deliveries, including:

• Flexibility and Scaling Up
• Efficiency and Specialization
• Technology

We keep up with the times. By investing in hardware, software and equipment, we ensure on-time and affordable logistics services. On-demand deliveries are our specialty.

What Is Third Party Logistics?

Outsourced ecommerce logistics involves the use of a service provider, or third-party logistics. These specialists in ecommerce deliveries, such as our Need It Now Delivers service, handles all of a business’ logistics requirements. These services include:

  • Consolidation Service

Many online merchants send a plethora of small orders to the same location, such as a bricks-and-mortar retailer, store or small business. We are able to consolidate all of those small items into a single shipment. By packing all of those small items into a single package, we consolidate the freight. Our cargo consolidation allows for expedited deliveries by air, ground or messenger to customers.

  • Supply Chain Management

An efficient supply chain is critical to successful retail deliveries. We ensure that inbound freight delivery needs are taken care of with accuracy and precision.

  • Warehousing

Even if an online retailer does not have a bricks-and-mortar store, the actual products have to be stored somewhere. Third-party logistics services usually take care of the warehousing needs. At Need It Now Delivers, we invest in the necessary space and technology to efficiently operate a warehouse. This allows for lower overhead costs for the business using our logistics.

  • Order Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders accurately and quickly is necessary for maintaining customer loyalty. A top-notch third party logistics service sends the right goods to the right customer in excellent condition. We can get these orders direct to customers or to a need-it-now warehouse.