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Legal Delivery Services | Need it Now Delivers

With Need It Now Courier


Legal Services

We all know what it’s like to have that last minute rush to meet a deadline. However, we don’t all know how to best optimize our time and make sure that important documents and packages are delivered safely and efficiently. Need It Now Courier has revolutionized the courier industry, with state of the art technology which tracks your package to the exact time of delivery, they have truly given ETA a brand new meaning.


Service and Speed

Need It Now Courier feels strongly that service and speed should have a direct relationship. While many companies deliver packages in a timely manner, Need It Now has specific experience with the packaging, transmission, shipping and delivery of legal documents, either across town or across the globe. Their professional couriers have made deliveries to all major cities and provide an affidavit of service clearly signed for your legal records upon request.

Experts In Front Office

We know that teamwork makes the dream work and many packages may be delivered to front office team members like executive assistants and administrators. We also know just how sensitive these documents can be and we exhibit the highest level of security and verification prior to dropping off the packages. Based on our track record with court filings and interfacing with clerks in different legal settings, both offices and courts, we have gained a reputation for reliability in the industry and have become the courier service of choice. We know that each delivery is different not just in location but in receiver and sender and have delivered to plaintiff, defendants, witnesses, interested parties and attorneys.