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Freight Forwarding Services | Need it Now Delivers

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Freight Forwarding

Need It Now Delivers offers affordable and efficient freight forwarding services to satisfy your company’s requirements for fast shipping to your corporate warehouses. Our forwarding services make it easier for you to fulfill consumer orders and have inventory on-hand for rapid deliveries. By establishing solid working relationships with purchasing agents for large retailers, we are able to rapidly respond to any merchandiser’s needs.


What Is a Freight Forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a company that specializes in arranging the storage and shipment of merchandise on behalf of its shippers. This type of a service is also sometimes simply referred to as a forwarder. The freight forwarder usually offers a full range of services including tracking the progress of inland transportation, preparing shipping and export documentation, warehousing freight in anticipation of shipping and booking cargo space on trains, airplanes, trucks and ships. As a freight forwarder, we are also able to negotiate freight charges, the consolidation of freight, insurance for the cargo and file any insurance claims on behalf of our clients.

Additional Freight Forwarding Services

As an experienced forwarder of freight, we are also able to ship freight under our own bills of lading or air waybills. These documents are also referred to as house bills of lading or house air waybills. We provide document delivery proof of delivery. We can also deconsolidate and collect freight.

The Need It Now Delivers Difference

Our Need It Now Delivers team picks up freight from suppliers, skids it up or retrieves it from the airport. We then either bring the freight to one of our warehouses and hold it until it is needed or we immediately deliver it to the retailer or final customer. On many projects, our efficient crew is able to complete the freight forwarding on the same day. We tailor our services to exactly what our customers need. With our capacity and equipment, we can handle urgent items, pick them up and deliver them to another city in the United States on the same day. For a greater level of efficiency or lower priority items, our Need It Now Delivers team offers affordable next-day freight forwarding services. We offer accuracy, precision, on-time and safe freight delivery to all of our customers.