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Industries that Need It Now Delivers Serve

Industries We Serve


Health Services

For more than 25 years, Need It Now Courier and its family of Courier Companies have provided medical transport and health industry logistics. With our combined experience and knowledge of medical logistics we can successfully serve the various health related industries.


At Need It Now Delivers, we have a long history of servicing accounting firms. Our couriers always provide you with proof of delivery, including time stamps. From highly confidential files to routine statements, our logistics company offers critical delivery services to accounting firms.

Architecture & Engineering

Engineering firms and architectural firms have specific needs for the timely, efficient and accurate delivery of products. In this time-specific type of work, precision and safety are key. Our courier service is able to solve many of the problems that architectural and engineering firms face.


We all know what it’s like to have that last minute rush to meet a deadline. However, we don’t all know how to best optimize our time and make sure that important documents and packages are delivered safely and efficiently.

Public Relations

When the event is planned there are so many coordination points that it is almost impossible to predict all the contingencies that really need to be thought about in order for the event to come off seamlessly.

Home Deliveries

Have you at any point made a long drive to find that the final mile was the longest piece of the journey? The consumer’s awareness rarely goes beyond the all-important last mile that ends at the consumer’s door.


In today’s on-demand economy, consumers are increasingly making their purchases online. These consumers do not want to wait for weeks for their items to show up.

Freight Forwarders

Need It Now Delivers offers affordable and efficient freight forwarding services to satisfy your company’s requirements for fast shipping to your corporate warehouses.