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Explaining the Logistics of Overnight Courier Tracking

January 9, 2018 Courier

overnight courier tracking
overnight courier tracking

The Journey: Overnight Courier Tracking

Time is money, so the old adage goes. Never has this been truer than in our fast-paced, highly connected world. Traditional shipping methods just don’t deliver the immediacy our business needs. In a world where customers want their goods yesterday, overnight courier tracking is the solution. To have the edge you need to compete and grow, you’ll probably want to offer next day delivery service. The key is air freight; it transports your package across the country in a matter of hours. However, for shorter distances, you can deploy trucks. Check out the key points below to see the process of overnight tracking and its many benefits.

Stage One: From Customer to Sorting Facility

As soon as your package is received, the system flags it as urgent, ensuring it receives top priority throughout the process. The computer puts a barcode on the package, enabling tracking. This barcode gets scanned at every stage, allowing you to know where your package is at all times. After the package gets put into the system, it’s on to the sorting facility, often a transportation hub. There, the package will be weighed and scanned, along with its container. After that, the package is ready to be shipped.

Stage Two: Flight/Truck Time

Tracking continues when the air or truck container gets loaded onto the plane or truck. For packages going by air, shipping companies schedule flights to arrive at midnight, leaving within a few hours. This fast turnaround means your package can travel its long-distance leg in a matter of hours. The package may not necessarily go straight to your nearest airport. Logistics companies work set routes. Your package may end up being routed through one or more shipping hubs before arriving at its final destination. If you’re curious, you can track the flight online in real time.

Once it has arrived, the barcode gets scanned again. The package is then transferred to another container, ready to be loaded into a local delivery truck. For packages requiring speedy dispatch by local truck, they will be loaded into containers at the sorting depot. They’ll then be ready for dispatch immediately.

Stage Three: Out for Delivery

Once the parcel is safely in the truck, it’s out for delivery as soon as the early shift begins. Couriers will ensure that goods are signed for on delivery, completing the final stage of the tracking process. The result – a package tracked and delivered in 24 hours. You can even view the name and signature of the person who signs for it. Most couriers offer a guaranteed 24-hour turnaround service, as long as packages are dropped off before a set cut-off time.

What Overnight Courier Tracking Can Mean For Your Business

A recent survey asked customers for their most common complaints about courier services. Coming in at number 1 was long wait times for delivery, ahead of damaged goods and unsafe drop-offs. This survey shows that customer satisfaction hinges on shorter delivery times. When you used a tracked courier service, you can share that information with your customers. What are the benefits of doing so?

1. Show Them They’re Important

It shows you take customers’ needs seriously. If you dispatch orders using a tracked service, you show them they matter to you. That kind of goodwill will go a long way to securing repeat business. Check out an example of the kind of user-friendly tracking system you should be looking for here.

2. Have Updates On Demand

You have answers for them every step of the way. Depending on how tech-savvy they are, customers may monitor progress themselves or want you to do it for them. Whichever way, with real-time tracking you have answers fast.

3. Compete With Bricks-and-Mortar Retailers

Third, you take away some of the advantages of traditional retailers. The savings made by shopping online appeal to many customers. The drawback is many customers still like going into a store and walking out with the product. While you can’t put it in their hands immediately, the next day option at least cuts the wait to the bare minimum. Research suggests many customers are willing to pay a premium for reduced wait times.

4. Generate Goodwill

When a customer receives their goods the next-day, you send out a strong message that you will move heaven and earth for them. They know you’re reliable. This matters hugely in terms of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers will also tell their friends. You can give them a nudge by sending them links to social media outlets to let the world know how great your service is.

5. Competing With The Big Boys

Next day delivery is a great option if you have a niche product that isn’t carried by one of the major retailers. Adding this option will set you apart from the crowd. However, even if your offering is not unique, next day delivery can still help you compete. As there are higher costs involved, consider working it into your margins on bigger ticket items. Then offer it as a special deal. If you don’t offer next day delivery, customers will likely use one of the big guys, meaning it’s good business sense to offer it, even if you choose to use it selectively.

The Takeaway

If you are thinking of adding a next-day delivery option to your business, make sure you opt for a service with overnight courier tracking. The reassurance of knowing exactly where your goods are at each stage is valuable to you and your customers. It can be a great premium service that will keep you competitive. As our name suggests, we know something about overnight courier tracking. Our comprehensive door-to-door service is ready to fulfill your expectations and more. We have rush options for local deliveries and well-established air freight services. We’re ready and waiting to take care of your delivery needs. Check out our website to see the services we have waiting for you.