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96% of people in the U.S. say they shop online, according to a 2016 survey.

These consumers spend around five hours online each week browsing and buying.

By the year 2021, projections show that there will be 230.5 million people pulling their credit cards out for regular online purchases.

If you’re going to capitalize on fulfilling the needs of these shoppers with your online store, you need more than marketing skills. You also need to know how to provide the best e-commerce order fulfillment.

With competition like Amazon and Zappos that zip off orders from their hubs at the speed of light, you can’t be slow and expect return customers. Continue reading through this article and we’ll show you what your customers want and how to give it to them.

Focus on E-Commerce Order Fulfillment for the Win

If you’ve ever ordered a package and experienced an unexpected delay, you know how painful it can be to watch the tracking status on your phone. The four-day shipping you had agreed to was slow enough already, but now there is a delay and it has been five days.

Do you plan on shopping with this company again?

Of course not!

Never be the company that causes nightmare shipping situations for customers. Here are the tips you need to be a professional at order fulfillment.

Choose Your Shipping Options Carefully

Depending on what platform you use for your store, you may have some options. If you are operating your store without a big platform, you can use your own order fulfillment system for more control.

Some of the options you have to choose from for shipping are:

  • Free shipping
  • Flat-rate shipping
  • Real-cost shipping
  • Same-day delivery

Free shipping is one of the options you should consider in today’s online shopping world. If your competitors are offering free shipping, it will be hard to beat them with bulky shipping prices.

Flat-rate shipping will help your company cover some of the costs of shipping products, but it will also be predictable to shoppers. If most of your products cost around the same amount to ship, this could be a good option for you.

Real-cost shipping is exactly what it says – real-cost. If the price to ship a small package is $1.29, then the customer will pay $1.29 which might not be a big deal. If the package is big and bulky and cost $14.23, that cost will pass on to the customer too. These larger shipping fees are less than popular with customers and could result in the loss of a sale.

Same-day delivery is a popular option if you are selling to customers in a local area. If your product can reach a customer within the same day, you could have an advantage over the competition. If they are going to take two days to deliver, your product will come out on top.

Use Your Shipment to Build Your Brand

As an online retailer, you don’t get to speak to your customers most of the time. When customers open your package, this is the first true connection they experience with your product and brand. Investing in a unique and enjoyable package opening experience can elevate your brand and even get some free promo on social media.

Make sure your package contents are on brand with colors and communication that match your website.

Customers should feel like they are continuing a story when they open your packages. You want them to want to read more of your story and come back for more from your online shop.

When packaging your shipments, go out of your way to package products in smaller packages. Not only will the smaller packages reduce your costs, but it will make it easier for customers to handle and open their products for a better user experience.

Win Your Customers Over with a Great Experience

Customers have more options than ever to meet their shopping needs. As an online retailer, you are fighting to get your customers to give you a chance. Once they give you that chance, you need to wow them.

Your customers want straightforward communication from the first of the order all the way through to the delivery.

Ensuring customer shipments happen in a timely and easy to understand way will build brand loyalty. Your order fulfillment service should allow you to schedule pickups with ease and track the pick-up and delivery of packages.

The more information you have on the shipping process, the easier it is to offer customer service. Customers are likely to never return to companies that offer poor customer service. Having the information you need to answer questions and be helpful is vital.

Choosing the Best System to Fulfill Your eCommerce Orders

Your company’s choice of order fulfillment system can mean the difference between repeat customers with raving reviews and raving customers with one-star reviews.

Using a service that gives you and your customers multiple options is necessary. Your needs change over time. Making sure the company you choose can continue to service your needs as you grow will make things less complicated.

After determining a company offers the services you need, speak with customer service. See how helpful they are with a couple of calls. When you are working with a fulfillment service, you need to be sure there is a competent staff available to answer your questions.

Taking Your eCommerce Store to the Next Level

When it is time to take your business to the next level, you can’t do that with slow shipping. Having e-commerce order fulfillment that will wow your customers will allow you to set yourself apart and grab more market share.

Instead of hoping your customer’s orders are going to get there on time, work with professionals committed to your success. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals and offer your customers the best experience available.


shipping problems
shipping problems

The Internet has been wonderful for modern business, especially for those who have products or merchandise to ship to customers. In fact, 96% of Americans have purchased something online in their life. By 2021, it’s estimated that global eCommerce will reach $4.5 trillion in sales. That’s a lot of package deliveries! If you are among the businesses who ship items, you know how important it is to your customers that everything runs smoothly. Nevertheless, shipping problems will still occur. The good news is that it’s possible to avoid most of them. This article outlines five of the most common issues with shipping, as well as how you can do your best to avoid them.

1. Incorrect Packaging

Proper packaging is the key to a safe delivery of your products. As you’re sending your merchandise out to customers, you obviously want to make sure they all arrive safely.

No matter who the customer is, he or she will only be happy if the product arrives intact and functional. While careful handling is important to prevent damaged items, shipping problems can still occur if packaging is done incorrectly.

You’ll want to make sure that any packaging service for your products knows the safest practices to avoid shipping problems like damaged items. Stuffing items too tightly in a package can dent or distort the materials. On the other hand, products that are packaged too loosely can shift and become damaged anyway.

It’s common practice to leave approximately 2″ of space between the item and the packaging – this allows for just enough shifting to protect it. For certain items with abnormal shapes, packaging reinforcement might be considered.

2. Mixed-Up or Unavailable Merchandise

With such a large traffic flow of products from your business to your customers, mistakes are inevitably made. A lot of times, a website can have a bug which inaccurately handles purchase orders.

No matter what the cause is, when a customer doesn’t receive the item he or she purchased, there is something that needs to be fixed to keep them happy. If an item is out of stock and your website doesn’t reflect that, you can be sure there will be issues when a customer “purchases” one of those items to be delivered soon. You’ll have to refund the customer’s order since they’ll never actually get it until you restock.

If, for whatever reason, the customer receives the wrong item through delivery, he or she will have to return it for the right one. This is a costly and frustrating headache for everyone involved.

Do your best to keep your retail website updated and accurate, so customers always get exactly what they expect.

3. Shipping Delays

Sometimes there are circumstances which prevent a timely arrival of a customer’s packages. If you have any experience with delivering your products, you know that customers particularly hate to have their shipments arrive later than expected.

If the weather along the route of delivery is surprisingly bad during the transfer, customers should expect a natural delay. Of course, this reason isn’t always good enough for some customers who want the delivery to be made precisely on time, regardless of the uncontrollable weather.

Another potential delay occurs when the time of delivery falls on or around a nationally recognized holiday. Depending on the shipping service your business uses, this could definitely be an issue.

The good news is that there are ways to combat shipping delays. There are a variety of services that could specifically schedule delivery and pick-up according to your needs. Pre-scheduling routed deliveries could alleviate any delays or missteps in the package’s journey.

4. Errors with the Tracking Number

Technology is great, but sometimes it can fail. If a tracking number is even one digit off, there could be issues with that delivery from start to finish.

This could lead to a delivery being significantly delayed, or even lost.

Errors with a faulty tracking number are one of the shipping problems that doesn’t always have an easily identifiable source. It could happen at any point in the process. It’s best to spot issues like these as soon as possible.

A good way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by regularly checking in to track each item’s delivery. If the tracking number you have doesn’t match any delivery, or if it seems to be tracking a different package, you might want to reach out to your delivery service to see what the issue is.

5. Shipping Problems Due to Human Error

You can’t help it that people are human, and therefore prone to error every once in a while.

You would never expect it, but it is possible that one of your employees at some point will experience this inevitable part of humanity. He or she might send out the wrong product to be shipped. The “wrong” product could mean anything from the wrong size, color, or even accidentally sending out already damaged items.

Regularly training your employees on the best organizational practices will help keep them focused and on task when getting your products out and to the customers.

This doesn’t only mean an error on your business’s behalf, though. It’s possible that customers make mistakes, too, though they might not ever admit such a thing!

All it takes is for them to make one typing error when entering their shipping address. Perhaps they misunderstood something during the process, and simply end up complaining about something without realizing it was their fault in the first place!

Obviously, it would be imprudent and unproductive to blame customers and employees for every little shipping issue that occurs. What’s important is to fix as many of those shipping problems before they even occur.

Fortunately, we here at Need It Now Delivers are experienced and savvy with all of the best shipping practices as your business’ courier service. Reach out to us today for a quick quote.

Need It Now Delivers continues to make inroads across America. Our recent acquisition of Proficient Logistic provides us with strategic warehousing, cross-docking and last mile capabilities throughout the Midwest. Linda Farler at Proficient is excited about the opportunity with Need It Now. “We are now able to offer a greater suite of service choices for our customers.” Her partner, Joy Fields adds, “Need It Now gives us the technology and national footprint to attract national customers to our facility in central Kentucky. Our location near both Louisville and Cincinnati puts in a great geographical position.” The entire Need It Now team is excited to have Proficient Logistic on board.

Local courier companies routinely partner with companies in various regions to provide service. The result of this practice is obvious: the price of the job increases as companies place margin upon margin. Need It Now Delivers is uniquely situated to combat this problem. Our network of vetted agents and courier drivers is among the largest in the country. Need It Now Delivers is developing new technology in the form of a proprietary mobile app allowing direct access to drivers nationwide. This innovation will remove the additional cost layering associated with brokering. The results:LOWER PRICES – REAL TIME DRIVER TRANSPARENCY – BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. Stay tuned for this exciting new roll-out.

Need it Now Delivers has recently experienced a very strong demand in the NYC  Metropolitan Food industry. Bakeries, delis and gourmet vendors are calling on our team to manage their deliveries. From bagels, cupcakes and bread for breakfast .to sandwiches and salads for lunch, these companies rely on us to ensure timely deliveries to maintain the freshness of their food.

The contributing factor to our success is our food division which is built upon a dedicated team whose goal is to ensure timely pickups, and deliveries coupled with 24 hour communication. We can pick up at any time of the day or night because we never close.

If it is a breakfast route that needs a pickup at 1:00 am for deliveries by 5:00-6:00 am, we are ready or a lunch pick up with a 1-2 hour delivery window, we are prepared. One bakery manager explained “It is very comforting to know that we can rely on NIN/SDS to be there when we need them and to deliver the freshness our customers expect.

“Stay Hungry My Friends”

Fred Smith, the founder of Fed EX, was an innovator of the overnight package delivery industry. In 1962, while attending Yale University, he wrote an Economics paper outlining how the system would work. Although his professor did not share his vision. Fred had the last laugh. That term paper became the backbone of what FedEx is today.

Now, overnight deliveries are being replaced by same day deliveries.  The technology revolution and e-commerce provide the platform for same day deliveries to consumers. Black Friday may soon be replaced by Cyber Monday. But the consumer wants it NOW. Many consumers have now embraced the convenience ease and security of same day deliveries.

Need it Now Delivers CEO, Eric Mautner, understood the market shift. The strategic vision embraced e-commerce and same day deliveries throughout the country. He knew consumers would soon appreciate the ease and speed of ordering online and have the merchandise on their door step within in hours, not days. A customer explained, “Why should I travel battle the weather, wait on long lines at a store, when I can have it immediately on a click of a computer from my home?”

Eric and the Need It Now team listened. Today, Need it Now Delivers is positioned to handle Same Day deliveries throughout the United States and has become the logistics leader in this fast paced market.

The entire Need It Now Delivers family of companies is undergoing a technology transformation. Every office, dispatch center and warehouse will operate on one leading edge technology platform, driving interoffice efficiencies and seamless customer experience. From our courier drivers and dispatchers to our customer service teams and our customers themselves, every aspect of the Need It Now order and delivery process is improving to meet the demands of our customers by implementing these leading edge technology enhancements.

Our drivers now benefit from the latest mobile apps on their handheld devices that provide total visibility to dispatchers and customers alike. Our service personnel can better assist our delivery associates with the real-time data provided by our proprietary technology tools.

Dynamic websites allow customers to not only receive instant delivery quotes for service, but they can also place orders, track packages, review invoices and run reports, all in real time. Feedback has been impressive and an early confirmation that our updates are noted appreciated. Customers love the electronic notifications they receive, whether ordering online or by phoning in to our 24 hour customer service department.

At Need It Now Delivers, our pledge is to continue to stand at the forefront of the intersection of technology and logistics solutions. Stay tuned … the best is yet to come.

Nothing is more frustrating than to learn that your client received your shipment in damaged condition. This uncomfortable situation is embarrassing and very time consuming. There is usually an inordinate amount of time reconciling the situation.  Calls need to be initiated, paperwork must be filed for a claim, another package must be shipped, and hopefully, in the end, your customer is satisfied.

How can you give your package a better chance of arriving to its final destination damage free?

During my transportation career, I have worked for some of the most reputable carriers in the world. I have been through many training classes and have observed proper packing methods. If you follow these steps, I feel confident that the chance of your shipment arriving damage-free is in your favor.

The Five “Musts” for a Properly Packaged Shipment:

  • Use new corrugated cartons with at least a 200 lb PSI or a 32 ECT ( Edge Crush Test )
  • Avoid 3rd generation cartons.  This is a high risk for damaged goods.
  • Allow at least 2 inches of packing material. ( Bubble Wrap, Peanuts, Air cushions, etc  )
  • Use the “H Tape Method to seal the carton. Tape both sides and the center of the carton to prevent leaks and potential burst. Packing tape is recommended.
  • Include complete address information and telephone numbers on the label in case of any mis-routes.

Follow these simple steps and your chances of having a joyously uneventful shipment increase dramatically.


Four companies are pulling away from all the others. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet. And it increasingly looks like Amazon is pulling away from the other three.

Jeff Sommer at The New York Times reports that 4% of traded stocks account for all of the stock market’s net gains from 1926 through 2016. And only 30 stocks (and Amazon is one of them) account for more than 30 percent of all of the market’s wealth creation in that 90 year period. (1)

Bespoke Investment Group has another way of comparing Amazon’s stock returns with those of its retail competitors. It has built a Death by Amazon Index, which it describes as a way to track the performance of the companies most affected by the rise of Amazon. Those companies – there are 54 of them – include Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Macy’s, Sears, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, and Walmart. This index year to date is down 18.9%, trailing Amazon by 55 percentage points. (1)

At Need It Now Delivers (NIN), Amazon’s success and market transformation is not lost on us. We enjoy our position as a large vendor for Amazon in addition to many outstanding retail customers. As we partner with companies across the country, our stated ambition is to develop logistic solutions that make our customers look good. We take pride in the success of our partners.

Our challenge is to prosper and grow in this unique and changing environment. Encouragingly, we have grown by 100% since the summer of 2016. We are well positioned. By any measure, we continue to be a leader in the industry.

Below are some data points on e-commerce in general and Amazon in particular. They highlight the challenges facing our industry and Need It Now’s response to those challenges.

According to statistics from the SJ Consulting Group, total e-commerce is $329B. 35% of that is Amazon at $113B. E-commerce was up 15% from 2015 to 2016. Amazon shipped $1.66B packages in 2016 and they spent $16.2B in outbound shipping. The next top 10 shippers combined shipped 750M packages. That means that Amazon is twice as big as the next top ten combined. So it is easy to see that Uber disrupted the taxi industry; AirBnB disrupted the hotel industry; and Amazon is disrupting the retail industry. Amazon’s focus on free shipping is what disrupted retailers but it also disrupted the transportation industry. The number of same day deliveries are doubling each year. And 88% of buyers want it for free, thus the retailers have to figure this out. (2)

Need it Now, with our leading edge technology and robust footprint is uniquely positioned to capitalize on this disruption in the retail/transportation space. We have to partner with retailers and other shippers. Remember, Amazon has validated the store to door concept. Their acquisition of Whole Foods confirms this point. (2)

Amazon has raised the expectation of customers. Consumers first asked for free handling and now they are pushing for free shipping. Does FedEx and UPS and the USPS ship for free? Of course not!

But that is the dilemma facing retailers today.

Need It Now must continue to push into the areas where we can do fast last mile deliveries. We have to continue to build density to drive down our costs and pass along great pricing to the shippers. The need for speed is greater than ever. As Walmart’s Marc Lore has noted, “in today’s world of ecommerce 2 day free shipping is table stakes.”

Today, US retailers are on pace to close more stores than ever before. Over 4,000 stores closed in 2015 and over 8,000 stores are slated to close in 2017. The retail graveyard is littered with store closings for big and small retailers and those that failed to change. Examples include Radio Shack, Payless, The Limited, Crocs, Bebe, JC Penney, Kmart and American Apparel.  Some big players like Kohls are down 2.7% in same store sales and Macy’s is down 5.2% in same store sales. However, it is notable that online retail sales rose 26% from January to April 2017.

It could be that the US just has too many stores. The US has 24/SF per capita of retail space versus 5/SF per capita in the UK and 4/SF per capita in France.  However, Target’s CEO says, “the future of retail is digital but people will also be shopping in stores for a long time.”

What should the retailers do? Perhaps, they would reconsider the store to door online fulfillment model. This includes faster same day and next day delivery. Need It Now Delivers is positioned exactly for this model. As retailers move to do more e-commerce or fulfillment from store to door, we are ready.

Large format or big and bulky deliveries is a great growth area for Need It Now. Big 3PLs are in this space and Need It Now handles their last mile work. They all need a company like NIN, which now has nine warehouses available to take possession of their freight and make the last mile delivery.

Lastly, a big NIN opportunity area is with customer fulfillment and delivery for small retailers or startups. NIN can clear goods coming into the country; hold goods; make store deliveries; and most importantly handle the e-commerce fulfillment part of shipping to the customer.